We all have a community to serve in an ultra-competitive marketplace. Increasing togetherness and readiness into teams is how I help my tribe perform sustainably at elite levels. Sharing tools, inspiration, and supporting the process with care and attention is what clients can expect from Paul Farina.

People are like flowers. If you water them they grow, if you stamp on them they will wither
— Richard Branson

Another way to put it...

The V Formation

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Imagine a solitary bird in the wild. To survive it will need to migrate every winter towards lands rich in food sources. Taking the dangerous and exhausting migration trip every year by itself would result in certain death. Compare this with joining it’s flock and flying in the famous V formation.

When you study the coordination of the V Formation it is pure team work. The energy that is saved, as well as the safety that is felt by all is incomparable to a bird flying by itself.

To look deeper, there is a very high level of coordination between birds flying in the V Formation. Every flap of each bird's wings effects the rest. They constantly signal to each other for changes in the environment, as well as changes in roles.

The flock of birds inherently promote an environment for belonging, safety, and trust. Their performance as a whole is much improved to that of each working on their own.  

Paul delivers topics that enhance the finer points of team work. Focused on the key elements that drive elite performance. Inclusive methods that are often low-to-no-cost to implement.

Building habits into culture to promote success. Or, as Paul puts it - Building Dynasty’s of Affinity


program topics

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Dynasty building

How to build a decade of affinity




- Increase team congruency, cohesion, and capability

- Sustainable methods to attract talent, keep key staff, and inspire consumers

-Increase belonging, safety, and purpose in your organisational culture [LEARN MORE]

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Breaking the Friction Cycle

- Rid your business of temporary fixes

- Align the 3 key pillars of business to strengthen purpose & standards

- Identify quick wins and longer-term projects to target to set your roadmap [LEARN MORE]

Conflict Smoke 1.jpg

Conflict Resolution

Master difficult conversations

- Identify potential conflict and intervene before breakdowns arise

- Learn effective communication techniques to handle delicate grievances

- Maintain calm and productive relationships in the face of crisis and hardship [LEARN MORE]

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adapt to thrive

Adaptive Methodology beats size and talent

- Mobilise your team to transform business practices for progression 

- Harness Autonomy, Observation, and Creativity to evolve organisational methods

- Incorporate innovation and prototyping habits into the mindset of the team [LEARN MORE]


people proofing

The Brace that all other assets stand upon

- Build long term contingency into the team

- Enhance the experience of staff – engagement and expertise

- Increase team longevity, reliability, and contribution   [LEARN MORE]

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Team identity

Create the unique language

- Identify what you stand for and what sets you apart

- Build a team personality for meaningful performance

- Set mantras to uphold team standards   



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service is sales

Gain commercial results through the privilege of service

- Enhance staff perceptions of what sales is

- Hit targets by delighting consumers

- Tap into ‘team attention’ to unleash sales ability  [LEARN MORE]


congruency ahead

Align to avoid stagnation and disruption

- Progress while maintaining Relevance, Reliability, and Repeatability

- Practice innovation without sacrificing trustworthiness in your brand

- Increase the team’s ability to be consistent through times of change [LEARN MORE]

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manager connect

Enhance High Impact Decision Making

- Utilise the 6 factors of managerial connection

- Go beyond the traditional analytics methods to make decisions

- Gain full spectrum understandings of your organisation    [LEARN MORE]

My story so far...






My story starts in the Adelaide Hills as a kid that was mad about sport. A kid known for having a big goofy grin and a need to Get Involved!

After falling ill with Glandular Fever in Senior High School, I recovered through a variety of Naturopathic Treatments. This inspired me to study Natural Medicine where I was able to combine my love for Sport and caring for people to become a Sports Therapy Practitioner and Naturopath. After a few years of clinical work I was fortunate enough to win a Semi-Professional Cricket contract which took me to Cambridge, UK.

A six month trip turned into a ten year stint in Ol' England. I loved it. During that time I went from casual staffer on a shop floor of a little Health Food Store to Regional Manager for an International Cosmetics Company. The steps were gradual, but I learnt a lot about business, high-end customer service, and most importantly - how to build teams with lasting power. No matter how bad the economy was during the Global Financial Crisis I was able to keep talented teams together and proliferate commercial results. 

In 2012, I relocated to Melbourne and after two years I had achieved and learnt everything I could from the corporate world. I followed my passion into teaching and education which is what I continue to pursue now. I serve those that are courageous enough to manage and lead others. My care and attention is 'all in' for those that are ready to walk beside me for a few steps in their journey.