Hit Targets, then what?

Goals, targets, budgets, numbers, figures - we live and die by them every day.

Managing Sales and Marketing Teams can be a brutally harsh responsibility. All business departments have targets to hit, and for good reason - this is our scoreboard. It tangibly tells us if we are succeeding or not - individually and as a team.

The problem lies in the failure rate. 50% of B2B Sales Reps fail (The Bridge Group Study, 2017). In the same study it was found that the turnover rate in Sales Staff is 20% yearly (and increasing) causing strain on careers and recruitment cost centers alike.


On top of this, stress factors have increased 20% in the last three decades (Korn Ferry, 2018). The focus on hitting targets where the leader is the cause of friction rather than motivation is costly, unproductive, and harms working relationships.

It is a mugs game.

There is a bigger game we can play. Where the figures have context, where talent can engage in the project at hand, and gain a sense of achievement often. A game where keeping and attracting talent rises. Where progressing value to customers increases returns. Where a leader can build momentum with stability while enhancing reputations and deepening relationships.

Chip Connelly of Joie De Vie Hotel Management uses the term “Social Capital”. A commodity he sites as having the highest return on investment. Social Capital is the best way of Guarding against slumps, external forces, and competitor activity. This is what gives teams a real competitive edge. This is how we play the INFINITE game.

Playing Beyond Targets is a journey of less friction, less crisis, and clears the path towards legacy.


Play Beyond Targets Whitepaper

A comprehensive insight

Models - Play Beyond Targets - Ladder.png

Play Beyond Targets Ladder

The program assists leaders and teams elevate themselves from a Finite Game to an Infinite Game where wins are more regular and meaningful progress is achieved.

The Characteristics

Play Beyond Targets comprises four independent Masterclasses, each running for one day.

They cover the four key areas of leveraging talent for sustainable high performance:

  1. Individual Factors (What the leader Initiates)

  2. Universal Factors (What everyone initiates)

  3. Behavioural Factors (What we do)

  4. Environmental Factors (How we do)

Models - Play Beyond Targets - Matrix.png

Play Beyond Targets Ecosystem

Capability and talent has never been higher. Extracting the ability out of teams requires key ingredients covered by the four Masterclasses.

The Masterclasses


captain influencing

masterclass one

Leading those you work alongside is one of the toughest jobs in any organisation. It is also one of the most influential positions on results. Front Line leaders do this daily, Middle-Managers do it regularly, and Executives need to do it occasionally. Learn the traits High Performing Captains all use and learn how to apply them for your unique style. Often misunderstood, the concept of captaining and knowing what to role model is a powerful tool in leadership.

Throw out the stereotypes and add these critical skills to your repertoire. Be the standout Captain, and learn how to hire them too!

courageous communicating

masterclass two

Destructive or Stagnant behaviours in the workplace can be corrected and turned around with incisive communication from a leader. Attitudes can be changed. Aptitude in team members can even be improved. Striking the right time, crafting the right message, and understanding the various approaches a leader can use are all important elements. 

Learn the critical skills all leaders can use to breed confidence, credence, and coherence into the team and the communication habits everyone in a team can pick up.

Get this right and a team’s ability to progress goes into overdrive.


connected leading

masterclass three

Detached leadership is a current epidemic. Being connected with the customer’s needs, the staff’s obstacles, and the factors inhibiting strategies being achieved are fundamental to a leader’s ability to make effective decisions.

Acknowledging the importance of first hand knowledge, being able to access it, and adding the Emotional Intelligence Tools to enable connections are all covered.

Self Incision, Self Awareness, and Self Regulation are combined with Social and Relationship Management are broken down into tangible skill sets everyone can identify and learn.

culture performing

masterclass four

What are the common denominators in all High-Performing Cultures. They propagate Loyalty, Trust, and a sense of Family. These are all outcomes, but they are not things we do. Take this opportunity to dig into the transferable elements leaders can inject into their workplaces to build long lasting elite performance.

A focus on the practical and accessible building blocks any High Performance Culture requires. Full of real world case studies, exercises, and discussions. Explore the three key areas all leaders need to consider when aiming to positively shifting culture. Turn the idea of 'culture' into an easy to follow pathway each leader can adapt to their individual business and role. 



Event Calendar

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Deep Dive into Play Beyond Targets

Program Partner

The Play Beyond Targets Program is produced and presented in partnership with the Australian Sporting Goods Association.

In House Pricing

For organisations wanting larger groups of staff to experience Play Beyond Targets, I will come to you and deliver individual Masterclasses or the whole program.  

5-9 attendees     $600 per attendee (+gst)

5-9 attendees

$600 per attendee (+gst)

10-14 attendees     $550 per attendee (+gst)

10-14 attendees

$550 per attendee (+gst)

15 - 20 attendees   (20 maximum per Masterclass)  $500 per attendee (+gst)

15 - 20 attendees

(20 maximum per Masterclass)

$500 per attendee (+gst)

Each attendee receives…

  1. The full Masterclass Presentation, including Paul’s own notes and all references

  2. Worksheet Tools

  3. A complimentary follow up call to answer outstanding questions post Masterclass

  4. The Play Beyond Targets Whitepaper (with additional content)

  5. Attendees will be registered for The Boot Room, Paul’s regular Play Beyond Targets insights

  6. Attendees will be placed on the waiting list for a complimentary copy of the Play Beyond Targets Book, being published later in 2019!

* Hosted at the client’s office/venue

* Catering not included

*Prices quoted are for individual one-day Masterclasses