Past clients have their say...

Paul’s training value in our multi-location fitness business has been very pleasurable as we have continued our growth and success. Paul invested the time in the early days to get to understand our business and management structure as well as our team of people and he has continued to challenge the leaders of our group. We see this now as a business partnership with Paul whereby he has a vested interest in our success and his passion for us to succeed is extremely motivating.

Paul has helped me grow both professionally and personally as I now definitely know how to back myself in, as I have the confidence in myself and knowledge in what I am doing. My belief in my work is now sky high.

Brent Woodhead - Director FSO & Elevate Escapes

Thank you Paul for facilitated our Marketing session yesterday - you were engaging and adjusted your presentation perfectly to the group.

We had 15 attendees all with differing knowledge (& opinions), Paul managed the group very well, was very practical, generated some lively & interesting discussion whilst giving us a huge amount of knowledge – both academic & practical.

This is the first type of educational session that the new Chamber of Commerce has organised & I was quite apprehensive – as it is a reflection on us obviously if it isn’t seen as a worthwhile & valuable – but I was delighted with the session, the outcomes & the ‘take-away’ knowledge.

Sue Johnson - Williamstown Chamber of Commerce

Paul challenged us more than we could have imagined. Our off-site led to a noticeable shift in how our operational team now work. The list of achievements since our conference is as long as my arm. We will continue our work with Paul for our full journey.

Brett Connell - CEO, The Victorian Amateur Football Association

Paul’s presentation style is very invigorating and the whole leadership group lifted during his session. It is now our job to take action with our teams.

Yuho Nishijima - General Manager Operations Division, MUJI Australia

Great information and Paul is a great facilitator. Very engaging and interactive! Paul was fantastic!

Nadia Petris - Marketing Manager, RSPCA

Paul is patient, positive, engaged, and interested. He is very structured with a lot of useful tips.

Sybille Taylor - Media & Communications Manager, Diabetes Australia

I learnt how to strengthen relationships in the workplace, which is exactly what I needed as a first time manager.

Stephen Sowbuth, Workshop Manager, Valmet

Paul helped us right from the beginning of a new venture of considerable size. From the very start it felt like we had our own expert, not only working with us but very much for us. He was dedicated to our success and felt like part of our team.

His work has resonated in our business and I now keep in contact with Paul for guidance to this day many years after he moved to Australia.

Adam Snare – Salon Owner & Mentor, Salon Freedom UK


Thanks Paul, for your work with our managers of the past 12 months. They have all gained a different perspective of working on the business. It can be seen clearly in the way they interact with other team members and also in the conversations I have with them. Thanks again

Paul Divin - Multi-Location Fitness Franchise Owner

I have had a great time learning from Paul. I have learnt so much and feel like I am still only scratching the surface. I love managing business, and I want to be the best leader I can be.

During my work with Paul, I have learnt the important steps to managing people effectively. I have always found it hard to get good performance out of certain characters in my teams. Now I know why. I have learnt to delegate better, run team meetings that now give the team so much value, and I have even built succession into my small team.

I can’t wait to delve into the next levels Paul has to offer and receive more Instructional Sessions to catapult my growth even further.

Thanks Paul – it’s been an eye-opening ride!

Andrew Trombetta – Gym Owner Operator, Jetts Gyms

Relatable and easy to follow. Paul is very positive and has great knowledge.

Carla Northmore - Communications Manager, Diabetes Australia

Great job Paul! Keep it up. Well spoken, informative and friendly. Life changing stuff.

Jose Torres - Workshop Engineer, Valmet

I started managing a hair salon not long ago and had a huge amount of help from Paul on how to run a business. He gave great guidance in making our salon grow.

Not only have I learnt different strategies, but also, overtime I have watched our salon expand. It has been sooo rewarding!

Thank you so much for everything Paul!
Natalie and The Blowout Bar Team xo

Natalie Ambrosi - Manager, The Blowout Bar

Working with Paul has been a massive eye opener for myself personally. I was fairly new to the role of manager when we first started the program so there was plenty for me to learn and to improve on.

Paul has been extremely supportive & helpful throughout the experience and has taken the time to help out whenever I required it.

All of the topics that I needed guidance on were met thoroughly, with a clear goal and outline always set.

I’ll be using these tools for a long time to come. I couldn't recommend Paul more!

Steve Morahan - Gym Manager & Firefighter

Thanks for sharing your business knowledge and experience with myself and the team over the past months.  You have done a terrific job of converting a bunch of fitness professionals into business minded people who have gained the knowledge and skills to run a successful fitness club.

Your training has been imperative to our success.

Daniel Lawley - Victorian Business Manager, Jetts Gyms

Paul was professional, knowledgeable, could respond well to questions raised by the group and I felt that I could apply all of the tools he presented.

Pam Seymore - Choice Passion Life Disabilities Service

Excellent! Engaging and informative.

Maria Cignarella - Play Group NSW

Paul led us through some great skills & techniques today! Paul was personable, informed, and engaging.

Karen Van Woudenberg - Play Group NSW

I have experience in Conflict Resolution and Coaching over many years. The reminder of Strategies was unexpectedly worthwhile!! Paul was very engaging, stayed on topic, and kept the day relevant.

Kate McNamara - SSWAHS

Paul is clear, gave concrete examples, and made the content applicable to my role. He is engaging, interactive, and went with the group.

Nicole Telfer - National Program Manager, Parenting Research Centre

Thank you. The session was raw for me, and I got a lot out of it.


There were things I had covered before, but was not using in practice. A great refresher and built on existing knowledge. A gold pace, inclusive, interactive, and Paul was very knowledgeable.

Maggie Tait - NGALA

A great day, informative, practical, useful for personal and professional development.


Great learning package full of lots of applicable tools and facilitated very well by Paul. A great training day!

Virginia Fusco - SA Gov

Practical knowledge every leader needs to run a harmonious and effective team. The content was complimentary to my existing knowledge that has just taken my understanding to a higher level.

Stephanie Bradshaw - Head of Creative, Oxfam

A lot of helpful tools necessary to have constructive conversations to lead a team.

Liza Iversen - Senior Manager, Construction

Great tips for having meaningful/successful conversations with staff. Paul explained everythinng so it made sense and I was clear to enable me to improve feedback.

Shabnam Qureshi - Senior Collections Officer, Macquarie Pacific Funding

I felt engaged throughout the whole training session and feel confident in the techniques taught. Paul is very engaging and insightful. Very knowledgeable and interactive!

Casey Davis - Customer Support Team Leader, Diabetes Victoria

I really enjoyed the course materials and their deliveries. Paul has been awesome and very engaging in his course delivery.

Sylvia Mahara - Post Doctoral Scientists, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Practical skills, in session practice, models to break down scary things into easier parts. Paul has a great style, is confident but humble, good at encouraging practice, and bred an environment where I felt safe.

Alice Hucker - Clinical Psychologist, Monash Health

Paul was well spoken and easy to understand!

Steven Markovic - Team Leader Residential Care, Berry Street