Every organisation has people. How well these people work together is the determining factor of what happens next.

We can choose courage, or we can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both
— Dr Brene Brown








Dynasty of Affinity

Elite teams are made up of everyday people. As the world changes towards high-tech, the rules remain the same - People drive organisations.

Catapulting your team to deliver 'above-industry' performance over a sustained period of time is available to all. The opportunity is open for the brave souls willing to strive towards legacy.

This over-arching mega topic brings together many tools and models Paul has formulated from over two decades of studying elite performance. A team-first solution-focused mentality is not only possible, it is accessible to all. 

Paul details the pillars critical to eradicating the 'Cycles of Friction' which hinder the majority of organisations. Learn the two key elements which underpin every high-performing team. Stop the constant revolving door of employees coming in and out of the team. Break down the Silo's between people and departments that limits daily progress across projects. Drive Mutual Accountability across the culture of the people you work with.

This is how Dynasties are built. This is the glue that causes affinity in your marketplace.





The modern working environment requires the majority of people to work unpaid overtime. Executives and Organisation Owners will be statistically likely to work at over 80 hours a week. This is the number one reason planning and strategic thinking is under-cooked across industry.

Tech and productivity tools are constantly increasing, and workforce productivity levels remain steady (or are decreasing). Commitment to Roadmapping stops the cycle, and open possibility, connection, and reward.

Utilising concepts to keep the process as simple as possible, Roadmapping gives teams the framework, tools ,and guidance to hash out strategic plans. Breed critical thinking along with collaboration in a practical user friendly process. Devise relevant actions in language your people will understand to slingshot your projects forward.

You would never go trekking through the mountains without a compass and a map, so would you enter the year, or a major project without Roadmapping your strategic plan? 

Paul delivers insights into the process to guide you and your team with a positive intention. No stone may remain unturned, nor shall political or emotional blockages cause poor decision making.





Conflict Resolution

Conflict describes the act of colliding. Collisions are crucial. High-performing teams uphold collisions as a critical element of their success, and have frequent and productive conflict as a part of their DNA. 

The ability to drive conflict, approach difficult subjects, and raise issues safely within the workplace are all too difficult across most organisations. This is damaging to relationships, productivity, and motivation.

Equipping leadership teams to conduct and coach conflict resolution into habits of working is an immediate shot-in-the-arm for output. Breeding conflict resolution attitudes into the entire workforce will underpin trust, longevity, and respect in all. 

Identifying the clues leading up to a crisis or relationship breakdown invaluable to avoid crippling bust-ups and untenable working associations. Tools to conduct difficult and awkward challenges with work colleagues enables individuals to autonomously diffuse problematic interactions and potential mushroom-cloud situations.

The use of Conflict Resolution to drive collaboration and creativity can never be under estimated. Paul leads this topic to open new pathways to excellence and completely change your perception of how conflict fits into your culture. 

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Adapt to Survive

Rigid Policy and antiquated procedures will inevitably cause irritation and dysfunction within a team. We are amongst peak disruption across industry, and our ability to harness the creativity of our people is critical to Adaptive Methodology. 

The capability resides within resources teams already have. The shift comes from working through a simple yet effective process to boost autonomic thinking along with ongoing observation. Paul works through the application of this process to assist team's with to create new ways to delight the people they serve and add value to the organisation.

"It is not the strong or the intelligent that survive, it is the most adaptable" - Charles Darwin.  


People Proofing

One of the most fragile elements of an organisation is the people. The variables are endless while major assets are held within the relationships of the people in a team. When there is a disruption, the cost to business is felt.

Loading the team with contingency is a habit beyond the usual HR policies. This is a cultural subject that when embraced, can completely transform the experience of work for everyone. This is where learning and development takes place, along with the rewards and experience a working environment can provide. 

The art of weaving together practical processes on a regular basis forms the foundation for turning brittle links into strongly fused steel chains. High impact long-term team performance resides in the people proofing techniques shared by Paul. The upside is tremendous, while also creating a sense of reward and connection within the group. 







Team Identity

Who are we? This is a powerful question that underpins our 'why'. When this is clear it is a smooth ride towards building a unique performance culture you can wear with confident ease.

High Performing Cultures tend to be very clear on their identity and what makes them special. They create a language of their own, and their work together becomes more effective, more playful, and more meaningful - a strong source of affinity.

Defining your Identity is the cocoon which your butterfly of performance flies out of. The process holds a mirror up to your people and leaders alike. Paul forces the group DNA to the surface for Meaningful Identifiers that will last and spurn a whole language. 

With a clear identity, and an energetic mix of unique language drivers the team will literary speak their own new language. Standards and accountability result from this clarity that becomes an ongoing process of development that individual organisations can run with to their own end. How do you standout is no longer a question that needs asking.






Service is Sales

It is no longer acceptable to separate customer service from sales. In fact, was it ever acceptable? There is now almost three decades between us and the 80's, so there is no excuse for anyone to be using the outdated grimy sales tactics that feel so dirty you'll feel like you need a shower. 

Sales teams are the bravest and most resilient species in our society. They require a unique set of skills like resilience, curiosity, discipline, and persistence. And that's just to get the job! But there is something missing here. The vision of rolling the ball to the top of the mountain over the course of a month, only for the ball to start at the bottom of the mountain again come the following month has to go.

The focus is all wrong. There are some that treat people like walking wallets, or work with the sole goal of hitting bonus. It is a tough tough gig, when there is a much more fruitful and enjoyable way to approach this most difficult yet vitally important function.

In this program, Paul utilises the concept of service, and how the privilege to serve can fill a person's own bucket, as well as invigorate sales results. Tapping into concepts such as 'team attention' and a change in perception there is no limit to the momentum that can be created in sales teams, as well as those departments that don't even realise they are in sales! 


Congruency Ahead

There is a lot of pressure on organisations to innovate. With disruption at peak levels causing confusion in the marketplace, the confidence in projections is at a modern low.

Yet, if we do not move with the needs of the market and develop tools and products to challenge the disruptive competitors, then we can find ourselves on the wrong side of the gap. This environment means creativity towards innovation is a necessity. So how can we breed this into our working culture without disrupting our own day-to-day business?

The under-pinning factor is congruency. The ability to align processes, departments, and functions within the greater team is decisive. This allows us to remain Relevant to the market, while maintaining Reliability, and ensuring the work is Repeatable.

Being able to work this into practices across projects, or even in the day-to-day is great, but being able to take this further and intertwine it into a rinse-and-repeat practice across yearly workflows is even more powerful.

The Congruency in an organisation allows for innovation without lowering the trustworthiness in a brand. Get this right and the opportunities to Proliferate steeply rise.




Manager Connect

In a world dominated by analytics there is a trend opening up towards the 'softer side' of management. The term Emotional Intelligence is now as overused as 'Omni-Channel' and 'Dead-Set Legend'. The topic that gets skirted around is the art of management decision making utilising the simple and cost effective management tool of Connection.

The excuse of being too busy, is just that. Too busy is another way to say "I don't care". Paul shares his experience and insights into the ways to connect back with the important elements of an organisation. Practical ways to implement connection, and coach other leaders to do so. 

Breaking through mis-conceptions on what a manager needs to do,  while highlighting the influence a manager has on business outcomes. The power of Management Connect can not be understated. Effective decision making using all senses along with focused analysis becomes a potent cultural tool.