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A 'Team 1st' Mentality

"When I walk into any room, no matter who is there or where we are, my mind goes directly to one place - how can this team of people come together for a positive outcome? I see the world in the context of 'team'. That is my superpower. I have a one track mind focused on the collective. As tribal animals constantly needing a sense of belonging, security, and purpose, this is a topic I devote my life to"

- Paul Farina

The Cost of Survival Mode

As tech gathers pace it is the people skills that will separate leaders and sales professionals from the rest. According to Korn Ferry Management Consultants, stress levels in the workplace have increased 20% in the last 5 years. The main factors behind this are:

  1. The boss - pressure gets passed down the chain.

  2. Losing my job to technology - nervousness of ‘keeping up’ and remaining relevant.

  3. Workload - the perception of increased demand and lowered time without career progression opportunities.

On top of this, Sale Person Turnover is tracking at 20% per annum with the highest rate of Sales Professional burnout every seen. To top it off, approximately 50% of Sales Reps miss their targets. (The Bridge Report 2017)

The evidence is in - operational leadership is evolving. Those that don’t keep up will be responsible for increased cost centers in recruitment, training, and the need for expensive new business acquisition. Add to this the consistent revenue pressure, increased re-work, and elevated customer demands.

The ability to play “The Bigger Game” is a leader’s number one asset. Stop striving to hit that weekly, monthly, or quarterly target - it’s a mugs game!

Tap into the drivers all talented people crave. Deepen relationships that not only make work much more enjoyable and meaningful, but also pay off when unexpected external pressures come knocking. Build momentum into future budget periods, and turn silo’ed workplaces into innovation machines.

Put it all together to drag everyone out of perpetual Survival Mode, and into the stability and high impact position of the Progressor.

Working with leadership teams in intimate sessions. Paul challenges current thinking to enable participant's to implement learnings.

Working with leadership teams in intimate sessions. Paul challenges current thinking to enable participant's to implement learnings.

Paul is a dynamic energic Speaker that challenges his audiences. He brings a unique mix of positivity balanced with razor sharp performance expectation. Captivating audiences with engrossing storytelling and a fresh approach to team thinking.

If I had 9 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 6 sharpening my axe
— Abraham Lincoln


Off the back of 20 years of Operational Management, in 2013 Paul started his journey of assisting operational teams to ramp up their performance and staying power. This has grown into a larger body of work helping organisations of all types progress their team dynamics beyond day-to-day productivity. Evolving teams into prepared and consistent performers full of contingency, capability, and cohesion, Paul has carved out a unique skill set for the marketplace.


He is passionate in his delivery and detailed in his approach. Paul demonstrates that teams have the ability to create Dynasties of Affinity from the most humble and perceived dire beginnings.  


What Paul's clients say...


The Victorian Amateur Football Association

"Paul challenged us more than we could have imagined. Our continued work with Paul is helping us develop our leaders and find organisational solutions"

- Brett Connell, CEO


Jetts Gyms

"Paul’s value in our multi-location fitness business has been essential as we continued our growth. Paul invested time early on to understand our business and our people. He has continued to challenge the leaders of our group. We now see Paul as a business partnership whereby he has a vested interest in our success and his passion for our success is extremely motivating."

- Brent Woodhead, Director

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Williamstown Chamber of Comm.

"Paul managed the group very well, was very practical, generated some lively & interesting discussion whilst giving us a huge amount of knowledge – both academic & practical."

- Sue Johnson, Director


Australian Retailers Association (ARA)

"Paul is flexible and able to customise his training to suit the target audience. He always goes above and beyond to satisfy the client. Thank you for your efforts and hoping to continue working together for many years to come."

- Yvonne Chow, Head of Talent


Regular Contributor to National Publications

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