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The Cost of Survival Mode

As tech gathers pace it is the people skills that will separate leaders and sales professionals from the rest. According to Korn Ferry Management Consultants, stress levels in the workplace have increased 20% in the last 5 years. The main factors behind this are:

  1. The boss - pressure gets passed down the chain.

  2. Losing my job to technology - nervousness of ‘keeping up’ and remaining relevant.

  3. Workload - an increased demand and lowered time without career progression opportunities.

On top of this, Sale Person Turnover is tracking at 20% per annum with the highest rate of Sales Professional burnout every seen. To top it off, approximately 50% of Sales Reps miss their targets. (The Bridge Report 2017)

The evidence is in - leadership is evolving. And it needs to! Those that don’t keep up will be responsible for increased cost centers in recruitment, training, and deeper investments to constantly find new customers. Add to this a consistent pressure to increase revenues, and satisfy demanding customers, and there is a tough road to navigate.

The ability to play “The Bigger Game” is a leader’s number one asset. Trying to hit weekly, monthly, or quarterly targets is a mugs game! Building rhythm into workflows, teams, and entire organisations creates ongoing growth for less resource.

Tap into the drivers all talented employees crave. Deepen relationships that not only make work much more enjoyable and meaningful, but also pay off when unexpected external pressures come knocking. Build momentum into future budget periods and turn silo’ed workplaces into innovation machines.

Put it all together to drag everyone out of perpetual Survival Mode, and into the stability and high impact position of the Progressor.

A bit about Paul…

Paul working with a leadership team in an intimate session. Challenging current thinking and asking professionals to move from transactional to trusted styles of working.

Paul working with a leadership team in an intimate session. Challenging current thinking and asking professionals to move from transactional to trusted styles of working.

Paul is a dynamic energic Speaker that challenges his audiences. He brings a unique mix of positivity balanced with razor sharp performance expectation. Captivating audiences with engrossing storytelling and a fresh approach to team thinking.

If I had 9 hours to chop down a tree, I would spend the first 6 sharpening my axe
— Abraham Lincoln

Obsessed with sport, Paul played and coached football (aka soccer), volleyball, and basketball. But it was cricket where Paul excelled. Known for relentless effort, a team mentality, and a mouth that would not shut up, Paul played professional cricket in the UK, headed up junior development programs and took ambassadorial roles for local sport.

Paul moved into retail and wholesale chanels and developed a 20 year Sales & Management career.

In 2013 Paul started his journey as a full time educator. Speaking, Lecturing, Teaching, and Facilitating to Retailers, Small Business, Community Groups, and Industry Forums, Paul has built a body of work helping business performance. This has grown into a larger body of work helping organisations to evolve into prepared and consistent performers full of contingency, capability, and cohesion,

Currently, Paul focuses on Role Modelling - The Behaviours That Matter. A topic many have benefited from and is growing in popularity.

Paul is passionate in his delivery and detailed in his approach. Paul demonstrates that professionals have the ability to create ongoing sustainable performance through Rhythm from the most humble and perceived dire beginnings.  

What Paul's clients say...

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(Titleist & Footjoy)

“Paul clearly understands the key concepts that drive individual and team success. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and the HAT methodology is a fantastic concept”

- Justin O’Connor, Finance Director


The Victorian Amateur Football Association

"Paul challenged us more than we could have imagined. Our continued work with Paul is helping us develop our leaders and find organisational solutions"

- Brett Connell, CEO


Jetts Gyms

"Paul’s value in our multi-location fitness business has been essential as we continued our growth. Paul invested time early on to understand our business and our people. He has continued to challenge the leaders of our group. We now see Paul as a business partnership whereby he has a vested interest in our success and his passion for our success is extremely motivating."

- Brent Woodhead, Director

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Williamstown Chamber of Comm.

"Paul managed the group very well, was very practical, generated some lively & interesting discussion whilst giving us a huge amount of knowledge – both academic & practical."

- Sue Johnson, Director


Australian Retailers Association (ARA)

"Paul is flexible and able to customise his training to suit the target audience. He always goes above and beyond to satisfy the client. Thank you for your efforts and hoping to continue working together for many years to come."

- Yvonne Chow, Head of Talent


Regular Contributor to National Publications

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